We have curated a collection of products that bring your health and happiness to another level. Over many years we have partnered with some of the most awarded products and equipment companies in the industry. All for you.

Dermalogica – Massage Works has partnered with Dermalogica since 2006, and we have never looked back. Dermalogica is the most preferred professional skin care line in the world by elite estheticians. It was the world’s first cosmeceutical line that realized the beauty world was not in line with skin science. Skin experts at the International Dermal Institute and their in-house team of scientists work to develop formulas that are backed by the latest advances in science and technology. Dermalogica is dedicated to creating and reformulating the most effective skin health products as the development of new ingredients come available. Dermalogica lends itself to intensive treatments for all differing types of skin conditions. We use the Dermalogica professional line in our treatment room as our main ingredients for getting glowing results for you and yours. We also carry the entire line of home use Dermalogica and offer it at 15% off MSRP on an ongoing basis.

Hydafacial – The most requested skin care treatment in the industry to date. This is the “Mac-Daddy” treatment for glowing results. We start all of our Hydrafacial services with a Dermalogica double cleanse and we then move into the Hydrafacial service with choices of their award winning serums. The Deluxe and the Platinum services includes an award winning Celluma treatment in the middle to boost efficacy and then we finish with the Dermalogica dermal layering all with amazing results!

BioSlimming – This is one of the “real deal” body wrapping product lines that is also award winning. We can use it to get you into a dress for one special night, or do a series to slim you down to where you would like to be. From inch loss, to skin tightening and reduce the look of cellulite. For finding the you that you are happy with!

Celluma – Celluma is the most awarded LED treatment panel in the industry. LED is proven to aid in reducing acne, reducing redness, increasing collagen growth and tightening skin. This treatment is added in to quite a few of our Advanced Skin treatments and our Deluxe and Platinum Hydrafacial treatments.

HobaCare – Hobacare is one of our many massage mediums. This is the base to all of our massage oils, lotions and creams. It is pure jojoba extract which is good for the skin and hair and great for therapeutic massage.

Revive – We use Revive Essential Oils. We have switched after many years of being with a multilevel marketing essential oil line as we decided to move toward better sales practices/prices along with an excellent quality product. We use essential oils during your massage gratis, just ask your therapist, and they will help you decide which is best for you.

Ear Seeds – Ear Seeds are a tried and true reflexology/accupressure treatment on the ears that will aid many issues for the better. We can quickly place the ear seeds for you in a specific pattern just for your issue, or you can purchase the seeds from us and have someone in your home place them on your ears with a printable guide.

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