Robbi Montgomery

Rebecca “Robbi” Montgomery, A.A., LMT, CFS

Licensed Massage Therapist MA # 13305, Skin Care Specialist
CE9964202, MM4773

Since a little girl Robbi was interested in muscles. While she was sitting on the floor on Saturday mornings watching cartoons she would point her toes and watch the calf muscles bunch up and see how strong the leg was. Later, constantly learning while her mom went through medical school for dentistry, she remembers the slide shows that were blood/tissue cells on the wall that her mom was studying from. Biology was naturally her subject. Then while in Germany for High School, her mother crushed four lumbar vertebrae sledding down a hill the day after Christmas and because of this, learned of Trigger Point Therapy from Bonnie Prudden’s book on the subject. Learning more about massage therapy that whole summer season while out of school was eye opening for Robbi and the lesson was huge; human touch removes pain. Robbi has been studying massage therapy since 1983. She worked in restaurants and offices, while earning her AA, loaded with biology classes at Okaloosa-Walton Community College. She then attended Atlanta School of Massage, and graduated in 1992. She moved to Fort Walton Beach, where her grandparents lived her whole life, to open Massage Works in October of 1992. Robbi has been dedicated to learning and growing her business to offer therapeutic massage and skincare therapy so that her clients can enjoy the best of what this industry has to offer. Creating positive change in her clients’ bodies and skin is what excites her the most. She specializes in Medical and Sports Rehab Massage and Post Surgery Massage work. Through the International Dermal Institute she earned a Postgraduate Degree in Skin Care Therapy. In the skin care room Robbi is keenly aware that science on a cellular level, not fads, is what creates the most effective skin care services, which gives you the healthiest skin and healthy skin is always the most beautiful skin. She also believes that there is power in a flock, so she surrounds herself with fantastic associates that help her learn and grow, as she in turn helps them learn and grow. She has been able to work with some of the most fabulous therapists on the Emerald Coast. This is what drives her, besides the multitude of hobbies like the science of cooking, growing plants, hiking and riding her bike.

Tina Boutiette

Cristina “Tina” Boutiette, LMT MA

Massage Therapist # 43341 

Tina began studying Massage Therapy in 2002 after she attained her B.S in psychology, she graduated from Soothing Arts Healing Therapies School of Massage in 2004 and began her career here on the Emerald Coast. After eighteen years of continuing education, she has been certified in Core Myofascial Therapy, Massage Cupping, Prenatal Massage, and Core Myofascial Sports Massage. Tina has built quite a clientele that trusts her to take away their muscle tightness and increase their range of motion with the utmost of integrity. Tina reaps rewards from her career as she witnesses day in and day out how her clients benefit from the work. She has been an associate at Massage Works for 19 years and is the yin to Robbi’s yang; an absolute indispensable partner in Massage Works of FWB.

Nancy Rosenblatt

Nancy Rosenblatt, CMMT, LMT, MA

Massage Therapist # 14903

Nancy is a graduate of the Atlanta School of Massage and has been a Florida licensed massage therapist and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1992. She was the sole proprietor of a successful private practice in Pennsylvania for 5 years prior to relocating to Florida. She is a certified medical massage practitioner, specializing in Deep Tissue and Swedish modalities with the intention of relieving muscular pain and dysfunction. She has also achieved certification in oncology massage and believes that Therapeutic Touch is key in supporting the treatment process. Her massage style is a blend of muscle-specific trigger point techniques with deep, flowing Swedish massage and stretching. She enjoys creating an individualized experience that provides both pain relief and deep relaxation. Outside of work, Nancy enjoys creating works of art through acrylic painting and has won awards for her paintings in local art shows at Northwest Florida State College and the University of West Florida.


Kayla Potter, LMT, CFS, 

Massage Therapist # 92210
Skin Care Specialist

Kayla is always turning a page for further study in allied health care through better  understanding of anatomy and physiology. She is intrigued with the modern day science of the skeletal system and skin. After graduating from Source Institute School of Massage in 2019 and Pensacola State College for esthetics in 2021, she enjoys being an associate at Massage Works from 2020, where her focus is on her client’s pain relief and skin care therapy. She loves to watch their stress slip away and their skin glow. Outside of work Kayla spends her time riding her bike, bird watching, walking the beach, stargazing and crafting.


Cailin Liberty, CFS


Cailin’s passion for medical esthetics began with her own personal struggle with acne and skin-health related issues. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and holistic healing. She is dedicated to helping her clients reach their skin goals by providing education of the basic science behind skincare products & techniques.

Jocelyn Bensey

Jocelyn Bensey

Front House Management

Jocelyn Bensey is the heart of our office. She is the one who will help you make an appointment, or find out what you might need from the therapists. She will take care of making sure that you get on the books without a problem and makes sure the therapists are on their toes. If she does not know the answer she will make sure to get back to you when she gets the answer. She opens the office, makes the fruit waters everyday and keeps this place neat, clean and in working order. She makes us all smile everyday and helps us care for our clients. She works the morning shift every day and we love her for it because we cannot do this thing without her. We appreciate her to the moon and back!