Beauty & Health Care

Enhance your best life here at MASSAGE WORKS!

Enhancing health and beauty is our mission. At Massage Works we strive to add services and procedures that will make you shine. These are a few of our ever increasing list of services that we offer in addition to our expert massage and skin care.

Intensive Lash and Brow Tint – Get long-lasting, dramatic results with this trusted
favorite for over 20 years. Intensive has everything you need to provide beautiful,
true color. Lashes appear longer & more voluminous for up to six weeks.

Ellebana is the top of the line for Lash and Brow Lamination. Ellebana Lash Lift offers
luscious lifted lashes than can last up to 12 weeks in one safe 30-minute professional treatment. The results are retained even after showering or swimming.

Lash Lifting opens the eyes, gives the appearance of longer, thicker, darker lashes
and offers much less maintenance than eyelash extensions. Brow Lamination uses the same product and has the same excellent results.

PurHenna creates bold thick dark brows that look natural and healthy with long-lasting results. Color that last up to six weeks on the hair and up to two weeks on the skin for a tattoo like effect.

The Studex System 75 is the most innovative and technologically advanced instrument for ear piercing. The “touch-free” ear piercing process highlights: safety, hygiene, and ease. Massage Works is proud to offer ear piercing with the most widely recognized professional tools of the trade.

Ear Seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective tool used to stimulate nerve endings
on this microsystem to create homeostasis in the body. With Over 200 Acupressure Points, The Ear is a Microsystem of the Entire Body. We can sit you down and have you treated with ear seeds in just a few minutes and you are on your way with a treatment that can have real results.

Ear Candling is a safe, effective, and painless procedure used to reduce or remove earwax, pollen, sinus congestion, ringing of the ears, ear infection, headaches, migraines, and hearing problems. The gentle movement of smoke through the delicate ear canal may also obtain pressure relief.

Bioslimming – this professional treatment uniquely combines four different
products, each of which are jam packed full of natural active ingredients to ensure
that you get the best results possible. Results are achieved due to the active
ingredients contained within the products acting upon the tissues. In clinical trials
the Bioslimming Body Wrap has been shown to dramatically decrease the
appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 67% in less than 4 weeks. Benefits of
treatment include – average loss of 1-4cm per measured area, reduction in
appearance of cellulite and fat deposits, detoxes, slims, firms & tones, skin feels
softer, reduction in appearance of varicose, thread & spider veins, reduction in
fluid retention particularly lower legs, enhances weight loss, helps burns calories
for two hours, the slimming & fat burning process continues to work for 12 hours
following application. The results are instant and long lasting.

ZAAZ is fitness technology made modern, providing the power to transform bodies with less effort and in less time. ZAAZ’s motion therapy technology provides safe and effective stimulation of joints and muscles, helping mitigate the symptoms of circulatory issues and chronic pain. Studies are making case for creating stronger bones as well. Make time for a 12 minute session before or after your purchased service, or stop by just to use the ZAAZ machine.

“Put yourself first on your priority list and watch your life get better.”
~ unknown